Transgender Football player signs for top tier Argentine side

THE FIRST trans woman to join a top-flight club in Argentina has signed with Villa San Carlos in the midst of a relegation battle.

Argentine striker Mara Gomez, 22, joins the Primera Division A team in news announced on their social media.

A picture of Gomez standing next to another of Villa San Carlos’ newest acquisitions, Ludmila Angeli, went viral as a piece of the country’s footballing history.

Local media report that the move will mark the first time in history a trans woman plays in an official Argentine FA tournament.

Gomez, who has previously played for Toronto City, told reporters: “Football helped me change my sexuality and my personality.

“It was a moment of distraction. I have been treated well in every club I have ever played for.

“We all take part in the same work and I never felt excluded from any of the squads.”

It is said Gomez was signed from Argentine club Malvines who play in an amateur regional league.

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