Writers & Articles Wanted!

The Grooby Post is looking to expand and would appreciate submissions of publish ready articles for inclusion in the website or proposals from writers with something new or interesting to discover.

Are you currently a writer looking for more exposure?
Do you have a great story that you’d like to spend some time investigating more on?
Do YOU have a story that needs to be told?

We’re looking for articles and submissions for all areas of trans people related subjects worldwide.

Please send articles for publication or ideas/proposals to admin@grooby.com

3 thoughts on “Writers & Articles Wanted!

  1. I’m Kathryn Lorraine Camfield. A crossdreamer since 1957, I live in Reno NV with my wife, Cindy. Since 1998, I have lived and worked as woman. My 11th book, Becoming An Executive Transvestite, is due out in Oct 2014.

  2. I would like to do a few articles on the “real” street prostitiutes of NYC based from 14th St. to 59th St. in Midtown Manhattan. Sadly as in the case of Eva Lin it can be quite dangerous and not glamorous at all. I would like to pay participants for their participation in the articles but I do not have the funds to do so…prehaps a documentary can be done to illustrate the plight of these people just trying to survive because it is so very difficult to get a job as transgender individual..especally when you come from hmble beginnings. I feel there is a social and racial component. Thank you for your consideration and take care.

  3. I am a heterosexual male that is solely attracted to transgender women. I’ve never attracted to me. I was married to a genetic woman for ten years, have two wonderful children by her and since being divorced from her since 1994, I have socialized and dated some beautiful and wonderful transgender women. There is something about the transgender mind that is captivating and so beautiful. I truly believe that a transgender connects and knows a heterosexual man better than a genetic woman. Through my early teenage years, being an amateur figure skater, I had several friends that knew they were transgender at the time. So did their families. They were from different cultures, which accepted this as a blessing, rather than as a curse or a disorder. I would like to write and share these stories for you to submit to your readers. They are very encouraging and uplifting.

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