Transgender: Courtesan is also Property Magnate – Tia Phoenixx

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Toronto: Transsexual Tia Phoenixx ( is a true courtesan. She’s a world-travelling, premium-priced escort who consistently earns rave reviews from her clients – literally from the four corners of the Earth!


At the same time, Tia is a realist whose eyes are very much focussed on her future after escorting. At a time when sex workers are very much in the Canadian news, she’s someone worth knowing more about.

The Canadian: Please tell us about yourself.

Tia Phoenixx: My name is Tia Phoenixx, and I am an international pre-op transsexual companion. I’ve been in industry for about eight years.

There’s nothing really special about me, except I realize that my time as an escort is ticking and I am doing my best to build up a strong foundation for a better future, for me and for my family.

It sounds “cliche” but trust me, I truly mean that.
I was born in Jakarta, from a big family with five other siblings. My father is Thai descent and mom is Chinese descent. We were poor, so from a very young age, I’ve learnt to appreciate every thing in life and worked hard to achieve a better livimg standard.

I never forget where I’ve come from. We are no longer poor (thank God!), but every time my brothers and sisters gather together, we literally prefer to sleep in one room to cherish and remember our childhood. It’s fun and it makes the bond among us strong.

That is the reason why I take my profession seriously, including saving at least 70% of my income for a better future.

The Canadian: Why did you become an escort?

Tia Phoenixx: I’ve chosen this profession because, as a transsexual, my career choices are rather limited and segmented. I’ve considered the pluses and minuses of being an escort, and at the end, considering all factors, escorting is one of the best career choice so far.

However, I do realize that my career as an escort will not be forever. That’s why slowly but sure, I am investing more of my time in the real estate/property business.

The Canadian: Why the property business?

Tia Phoenixx: Because it’s a passive investment. I just have to choose the right property, renovate (if necessary) and then resell or rent it. The value of the property itself, in a healthy market, will go up over time without me doing anything on it.

So I still can work as an escort and start building up assets by having income from tenants, profit from sales (if any), or simply profit because of the property’s increased value.

I love it!

Currently, 70 percent of my income is still from escorting. Four years from now, I predict that 60 percent of my income will be coming from my properties. Thus I will be able to retire and live quite comfortably.

I’m slowly but surely switching professions from an escort to a landlady, the older I get.

The Canadian: You have recently had some cosmetic surgery for the sake of your escorting career?

Tia Phoenixx: A: Yes. I did my feminization surgery in Bangkok on February 4th 2014.

The surgery took 10 hours to complete. It’s a big one and I still have a facial nerve damage around my mouth as a side effect.

I did breast augmentation as well as nose, forehead, cheek bones, chin and jaw contouring in order to create a subtle, more feminine look without changing my face dramatically.

I like the result, except my mouth, that is slightly asymmetrical due to nerve damage, but hopefully in few months, it will get back to normal again.

The doctor told me not to complain anything before six months. It’s been only a little over two months.

The Canadian: Why did you do that?

Tia Phoenixx: I guess because I’m getting older. My femboy, androgynous look does not suit me any longer. My instinct told me to evolve to become more feminine and sexually more appealing to men.

It’s indeed an evolution. My body keeps changing as well as my life and lifestyle; from a boy to a tgirl and hopefully soon to become a woman.

The good thing is, I enjoy every facet of it.

I was popular as a boy, I even used to work as a teen model and boy escort for few months before deciding to become a tgirl escort. And now, I’ve started thinking seriously to become a woman, a post-op transsexual to be more precise. I’m 100 percent sure, I will be the happiest the moment I finally become a woman. Again, my instinct has told me that.
The Canadian: As an escort, you are renowned for your extremely professional attitude. Please tell us about it, and why you take such pride in your work.

Tia Phoenixx: How do you know that?

The Canadian: All the positive reviews posted all over the Web. You just put ‘Tia Phoenixx review’ into Google, and they appear. And they typically rave about how professional and friendly you are.

Tia Phoenixx: Yes, I take my appointments seriously, and I do my very best to make my clients happy — if not delighted. There are so many reasons for that.

First: Price. I’m not cheap, though it depends on the market. But for sure, I’m more pricey than most of regular local tgirls.

Second: Competition. I’ve worked all over the world, including in a very saturated, competitive market like USA and Europe. If I don’t deliver top notch service to my clients, they will not come back to see me for sure.

Third: My personality. I’m nice, though I can be tough too if necessary.

I don’t have the heart to rush or give bad service to clients, especially when they are already in my room with me.

If I truly do not like a particular client or if I don’t think I can make him happy, I’d rather to give him his money back (Not to mention that, believe it or not, I have high IQ!)

Last but not least: My passion. I’m very outgoing and passionate. I love men and sex. It comes naturally for me to satisfy them and make them happy in bed.

I’m pretty open-minded and versatile. I also like different types of men.

All those factors combined, make me a good companion, at least in bed! (She laughs.)

The Canadian: How much do you travel for the world for your work?

Tia Phoenixx: I travel at least 70 percent for work-related matters.

The good thing is, I like to combine work and leisure at the same time. That’s why if you check schedule on my website, I’ve done so many “working holidays”.

You name it: I’ve worked and done my holiday at the same time in South Africa., Greece, Cyprus, Thailand, Malaysia, and soon Turkey. I have so much fun!

The money might not be great, but hey, at least I have fun. Life is not about money.

So yes, I like to have fun too. And if I can have fun and have the opportunity to earn money at the same time, why not?

I go to see my parents in Jakarta every year, and only in Jakarta, I don’t work.

The Canadian: It appears that your days as an escort are numbered.

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