Monica Jones, AZ Transgender woman convicted of the crime “Walking While Trans”

Just weeks after Monica Jones was seen in mainstream media protesting the failed religious discriminatory law in Phoenix, she was offered a ride while walking near her house. The driver turned out to be an undercover police officer who then arrested her for “manifestation of prostitution’.

This law 23-52 Prostitution, soliciting an act of prostitution and related offenses, is a overbroad statue which enables officers to arrest woman for no other reason than asking if they are police. The law is used to feed people to “Project Rose” as the city conducts massive drag nets hauling in dozens of individuals at a time. This profiling of woman by police is contested by the Arizona ACLU which notes that “The difference between ‘innocent’ and ‘criminal’ behavior often comes down to how a person looks.

A 2011 study in NYC found that 59% of transgender respondents said that they had been stopped by police. So over half of our sisters in NYC had they lived in Phoenix would have faced the prospect of “Project Rose”.

Ms Jones was brought handcuffed, without being charged by police, to a church basement. It was then established that she hadn’t been previously charged with similar ‘crimes’. She was told if she enrolled in “Project Rose” and successfully completed she would have no arrest record.

Project Rose is the work of the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) which has been dictating their ideology to the legislature effectively forcing their religion, through the police, on the general population.

Jesus or Jail?

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